EM Technology™ in Beekeeping

Protection against the Varoa-mite for bees
Many years on the whole wide world we have a great problem by bee-keeping. Whole bee-colonies died about the varoa-mite. This mite came from Asia and is a parasite, wich harms the whole beecolony, especially the breed. The mite is sucking the beeblood … lymph … of the breed and leaks it. So it dies.Experiments with vaporising Oxalic Acid Tablets in Europe, the tablets are mixed also with EM Ceramics™ powder and the effect will be more intensive and EM™ solution showered at the bee hive the varoa mite has no chance to harm the bees. For drinking: EM™ Solution 20 ml in 10 l water is powerfull for the bees. EM.1™ mixed in the food for the bees (water and sugar and EM.1™ mixed up) after harvesting the honey, is preventively for many infections of the bees: diarrhea, American Foulbrood, chalkbrood. In European countries we noticed, that the bees which were provided with EM™ were more healthier than others without EM™. Some beekeepers mix EM.1™ with water (1:200) and sprays it against the bee – hive – inside and outside. So the bees get a strong immune system. Using EM.X GOLD™ Ceramic powder in paint to help the hive to have a higher nuclear magnetic resonnance than the pests; also adding EM.X GOLD™ at 1:10,000 and EM.1™ or AEM™ at 1:1,000 to sugar water to strengthen the bees against diseases. It’s fine to work with EM Technology™, because it is a pure biological system

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